27th March 1945

Fine, sunny, but cool.  News in the paper – Marw Anglwyd Lloyd-George.  Long obituary in the “Times”, explaining how he worked for Wales for 20 years and for L.G. for the next 50.  I can remember seeing him, his long white hair flowing, as he stood on the balcony at the Town Hall and addressed the crowd after the Colchester Oyster Feast.  This must have been 1922 or 1923.  I was at a party at the old Joscelyne’s Café, and we boys leaned out of the windows, above the densely packed crowd, to see the little figure on the balcony and catch a few phrases of the great Welsh oratory.

Bought some boxes on the way to the Museum, at a grocer’s, and hurt my back trying to carry them.

No Edwards this morning, to my great relief.  Old Warby called.  Long letter from Poulter who says 6 rockets fell near Colchester last Thursday night.  Hull is away ill.  Rex Wailes has suggested that Marriage’s ought to take over Bourne Mill, which would be an excellent arrangement, much better than having the place quitted.

Tonight called on Jones, the Deputy Borough Surveyor, and sounded him to see if he knew anything about ARP arrangements in the Museum – whether there is any chance of the Control Room being closed – but if he did he was not to be drawn.

A huge white misty moon tonight, and about 11 ‘planes were going out very low with hideous noise.  The news tells us that the Allies are 50 miles over the Rhine, but there is yet no sign of a general collapse.  The papers begin to give little hints, obviously “inspired”, of a war between America and Russia.

Back painful tonight.

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