14th March 1945

At about 2 o’clock this afternoon a big searchlight battery came through the town and crossed over the bridge in the direction of Wisbech St Mary.  Looked ominous, as there have been no searchlights in this district for two years now.  Nobody likes to have the lights about, as they say they “attract bombs”, in much the same way people might say candles attract moths.  It was a big convoy, with stoves, sections of portable huts, all the kit, generator trailers, bicycles strapped on everywhere.  Thought of all the days long ago when I used to see the horse-drawn coopers trundling smoking up Wimpole Road, the cooks walking behind, and the great pontoons with their teams of eight or ten horses.

A fine warm day.  Worked in the office until 8, then home to more writing.

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