15th March 1945

Another lovely day, although cold and grey at first.  Daffodils are beginning to appear among the grass in the churchyard.  Went down there and made a careful examination of some of the very fine 18th Century headstones.  There must have been a very fine school of masons here from about 1700 to 1810.

This afternoon a Grammar “Prep” party, not very successful.  Don't like talking to small boys.

Went out to “Advertiser” and collected a packet of appeals for Edward’s testimonial, put them in envelopes, addressed them and posted them.

Just before lunch, in the Library, suddenly heard the noise of cement or plaster falling down the chimney.  Must have been a pigeon inside, but was alarmed in case it might be the stack cracking or settling.  Went up on the roof to see if anything was to be seen, but there was nothing, only the sound of the fluttering of the wretched bird inside.  The roof seems in pretty fair order, but the woodwork needs repainting.  Fascinating views down onto the roofs, and gardens of the Castle, where I have never been.

After tea went to see old Pearson about the appeals, and then spent the rest of the evening indoors, with great contentment.

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