13th March 1945

Fine, cold, lovely morning.  Aconites are appearing, and the trees are showing signs of buds.

This afternoon Guy Pearson came in, and showed me a draft of an appeal which is to be issued in connection with a “testimonial” for Edwards – this, as I suspected, was the reason of the “secret session” after the last meeting.  If it is to be limited to the 20 odd members of the Committee, it is not likely to produce very much.  Guy Pearson wants a presentation to be made at the Annual General Meeting on May 7th.  He told me that for 20 years not more than two persons, other than the Committee have ever attended an Annual Meeting.  This must be altered.  As the meeting is always held at the ridiculous hour of 12 midday they can hardly expect people to come.  Obviously we need an evening meeting, with special exhibits, coffee and sandwiches and so forth. 

To the Museum for an hour after tea.  Fog coming up.

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