9th March 1945

Fine, cloudy, a smell of spring in the air.  Am enjoying this house.  Food excellent.  Miss Brewer a delightful girl, an excellently witty talker.

Busy all day on Museum chores.  Tonight to Arts Club.  Called for Jessie Swift, and took her along, going through the dark damp park, a place where she most rightly said she would not like to go alone. 

Arts Club quite amusing, did a little drawing.  Left at 10.  Old Market full of drunks.  Went into Swifts for 10 minutes, but Jessie so obviously longing for bed, soon retired to my own.  Miss Quail, the mistress of the Grammar School Preparatory, was talking at the Arts Club about a new school for which she has applied.  (The “Pie” will shortly be closed under the new Education Act).  This other school is (I think) at Leicester, and one feature of its organisation is that every pupil has a “dossier” of her life at the school, from which no personal detail is omitted – peculiarities of dress or behaviour, every single detail.  This follows the child all through the school.  What happens to it then is not recorded.

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