7th March 1945

Dull, and a little rain.  To office, hard work all day.  Got ready for a school-class in the library.  Parcel came from home, posted Monday morning, but reached here only today.  Miss Payne sent me an orange!  Bless her.  Letter tells me there were five alarms at Colchester on Friday, and one at 11.45 on Sunday morning.  Father has not been very well, but seems better now.

John Swift called for me in his car tonight, and I hope I have left the White Lion for ever.  43 Clarkson Ave. is a very pleasant house.  Had it all to myself this evening.  A lot of noise of aircraft, and a big explosion about 8 o’clock.

The only other lodger at the moment is Dorothy Brewer, headmistress of the Queen’s Girls School.  She is a very tall, good-looking Lancashire girl, very charming, and extremely young to be a headmistress – certainly not more than about 25 or 26.  There is also a Miss Tony who lives here permanently, a very old lady, but have not seen her yet.  The rest of the household consists of Mrs. B’s husband, semi-paralysed by a stroke and there is a son, Alan, who must weigh 18 or 19 stone, and only 19 years old, who has a terrific stammer.

News this morning that the little Jones girl has been reprieved.  Great indignation among the White Lion inhabitants, who were determined to a man (or rather to a woman) to hang her.

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