5th March 1945

Quiet night.  Up early, and got ready for the meeting of the Committee at 12.  Eight members came, including old Edwards.  At the end, there was a “secret session”, when he and I were firmly excluded.  Seems probable that the Committee are about to make him some sort of presentation.  Quite right too.

Letter from dear Ann hardly readable, scrawled in pencil.  Says she is suffering badly with fibrositis in both arms and both legs, can scarcely move.

Worked in office until 8, and then walked out in the rain and went round to the Osbornes in Lynn Road.  We sat talking until 11 and past.  Home in the dark, - no moon until 12.30am.  As I lay reading in bed at one o’clock, a ‘plane crashed somewhere in the Fens, not very far off.

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