7th January 1945

Lay in bed until 9.30.  Warmer, wind gone to the west, but soon veered north, and it froze again.  Still felt a bit queer this morning, but it went off.

Very anxious American at breakfast, who had lost his companion.  The two had been to a dance last night, after which the companion had disappeared.  He had not been to the hotêl and his bed had not been slept in.  American discussed various possibilities, drugged, fallen in river, gone back to camp on his own, etc., and at last set off alone, looking for a lift back to Swaffham.  Mystery remains unsolved.

Cycled out to Leverington, to see the church.  Leverington Hall, where Mrs. Munday lives, is very fine.  Long row of bicycles outside the village pub.

Stopped to see the mound on Leverington Rd. called “Rabbit Hill”.  Has been much damaged by excavations, but can find no record of any discoveries there.

Went out to post this evening, and walked round the Crescent.  The Square looked lovely, with lights in the chapel and the church, the sound of the organ and singing, and the stars shining brilliantly.  Just as the clock struck 8 there was a heavy explosion, and windows rattled.  Expected an alarm, but nothing came.  There were ‘planes about, so I expect it was a crash.  Night before last there was a terrible crash near Moreton Hall, Bury, and a lot of damage done.

Tonight the news spoke of more German advances in many places.  The Manchester “commercial” began saying that the Germans would fight for years, that a “blood bath” would now begin, - submarines a great menace, - gas will undoubtedly be used.  He asked very earnestly as to where he could get a gas-mask, so that he could carry it in his car, and said that when he was at home he always did “mask drill” with his wife and child, making them wear the things for half an hour at a time.  Wonder if he is right.  The moon is waning fast, and there will be no new moon until next week.

Got the “Sunday Express” today.  Very outspoken article by Nathaniel Gubbins, quite surprised it should be printed.  Also a paragraph about a soldier charged at Southend with stealing a German’s camera, saying what about Montgomery’s caravan?  Didn’t he steal that?

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