15th January 1945

Fine, almost warm.  Old Doble had a Beckenham newspaper today full of accounts of damage by flying bombs and rockets.  A lot of damage in Burnhill Road, Lea Rd, etc. and at least 12 people dead.  In spite of this, the paper is full of all normal suburban activities – concerts, cinemas, meetings, etc, and there is a long editorial on the prevalence of robbery and burglary in the district.

At the office found a letter from Father, saying that a flying bomb went over the town at 2.00am on Sunday.  Also got the Essex County Standard' – Hervey Benham attacking compensation and pension scandals with great vigour.  He quotes my journal in his “Colchester & County Notes”.  Regret that I never accepted his offer of £12 for the war year extracts.  Seems strange to sit her and read about the old town, feeling very remote and ghostlike.

Busy all day in the Library, still sorting books.  They seem to be arranged not only according to size but according to whether they have leather bindings or not.

Beautiful evening, clear stars and a pale blue sky.  Quite light until well after 6.  New moon yesterday, and for the next fortnight it will become lighter every night.  In the Museum until 9.30, and then out delivering letters.  Found a gang of gas-men digging up North Street by the light of an orange flame.

Feel I cannot stand very much more of Mrs Shepherd’s rudeness.  She really is an abominable woman, and poor old Doble has a terrible time.  There is very little heat here, and I am not allowing this woman to tell me what time I am to go to bed.

Reading tonight until 11.30.  Could hear somebody kicking a tin can along Market Street, very lonely and solitary.

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Anonymous said...


ER really should have taken up Benham's offer - the value of it today is £463.82

Mike Dennis