22nd January 1945

Up at 8, snowing steadily.  Poor breakfast, egg bad again.  The Irish waitresses talking about passports to Ireland, and how to smuggle money in their skirts.  My bill came to £1.14.6.

Town had an arctic appearance, people hurrying about silently over the snow.  Managed to get a haircut.  Snow stopped, and sun came out.  Bought some paints and brushes.  Several horse vehicles about, coalcarts milkvans and greengrocers. Hozell & Sons have neat 4-wheel carts for milk, and so do Peterborough Co-op.

Set out at quarter to 11, sun shining on crisp snow.  Several interesting buildings at Eye, and a good windmill in working order.  Thorney at 11.25, Guyhin 12.15, and had some cider at the “Chequers”.  Reached Wisbech at ten to one and went to lunch.

At office found letter from Fisher, enclosing £23 for Robin, from £5 notes and £3.  How I wish I had never sold him.  Did very little this afternoon except look at books in the Library.  What a delightful life this is, or would be were it not for the caretaker, whom I dislike intensely.

Went out to tea at 4.30 with the teacher, Dorothy Ellis, then walked with her to Walsoken and along the Nene almost to Walton Dam, under a cold bright moon.  Haze over the river, flowing quick and silent, and a train on the opposite shore.  She comes from Leeds.  Took her back to her lodgings at 8, and then went to office until 9, when the caretaker came up to ask me how much longer I should be, as she wanted to go to bed, so with regret over to No. 3.  How I loathe this little house.

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Anonymous said...


ER's hotel stay cost him £66.67 in current values.

He received the equivalent today of £888.99 for Robin!

Mike Dennis