26th January 1945

Still very cold, and the snow lying solid.  Girling, whom I dislike, came over with some bills, but refused to tell me anything about the business side of the Museum.

Woodgate phoned to ask me to lunch on Sunday, but refused as I am going to Colchester.  Should have gone tonight but the train was very late, and as we stood shivering under the glaring white moon I became very nervous, and decided not to go until daylight tomorrow.  Went back to the lodgings to tell Mrs. Shepherd who was absolutely furious.  Then went to an address I had seen in the paper, a Mrs. Lynn, Hereward Road, a cul-de-sac near Norwich Rd.  Offered me a room which was only accessible through her son’s bedroom, and there is no bath, in fact the only tap is in the kitchen sink.  Declined politely.  When I mentioned Colchester, she said she lived there 40 years ago, when her husband was in the army.  She had a house in Butt Road, and said that at that time Sims Reeves the singer lived round the corner in Essex Street.  He must have been a very old man.  

Crept to bed at 10 o’clock, very cold and not feeling very well.

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