23rd January 1945

More snow in the night, a few ‘planes flying through it.  Wrote to various people to say I will be in Colchester next weekend.  Moved a few things in the Museum this morning.  Dreadfully cold day.

Slight thaw set in, but traffic, horse and motor sliding about in all directions.  Odd how few milkcarts there are in this town, and hardly a single coal trolley.

Set off to go to a Workers' Education Association lecture tonight, but was tempted to go to a cinema and did, then wished I hadn’t.

This evening came across half a dozen youths, with hair as long as girls, chatting in the public lavatory, which they apparently use as some sort of club.  Dance on at the church hall tonight, horrid wailing music and drunken shouting until midnight, then much noise of cars leaving Museum Square.

Soon after I went to bed, about 11, Mrs. Shepherd got up, went downstairs, and turned the lights off at the main, to stop me from reading in bed.

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