24th January 1945

Bitterly, icy, cold, and a thin fog. Dawn at 10 to 9, and Mrs. Shepherd began nagging at me again.  No hot water, and the tea much too strong and stone cold.

To office at 9.30, much to Caretaker’s disgust.  She said very pointedly that Mr Edwards never came in before ten.  However, on the desk a letter from Inverness, from dear Ann.  She’s been ill in bed for a week.  Wants my photo, but have no such thing as far as I know.

Looking through boxes in the Library this morning.  Found a beautiful deer-skin jacket, Cree Indians, Canada, and a grass skirt, rather oddly labelled: Nubian Woman’s Girdle collected by Mr Algernon Peckover, c.1865.”

Coming back from lunch met Girling, in top hat, long heavy black coat and “spats”, and ebony stick, going to a funeral at the church.  Museum Square full of opulent looking cars, and the passing bell tolling.  Stream of top-hatted black figures hurrying over the frozen snow towards the Tower arch, where the white surpliced choir were waiting. 

Dark very early today.  Work in office until 9.

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