19th January 1945

Tremendous gale between 2 and 4 this morning, doors rattling and house shaking.  Fine when I got up, but freezing.  The sun shone brightly until 2.30pm, when suddenly without any warning thick snow clouds came sweeping down from the NW, it became dark as night, and a hurricane of snow covered everything within 10 minutes.

No hot water at all this morning, so could not shave.  Intended to shave before tea, but found the house locked and could not get in.  Really cannot stand this sort of thing much longer.  When old Doble and I were having breakfast this morning we were edified by the spectacle of the daughter, stripped to the waist, washing herself at the scullery sink.  He and I are the only people in the house who use the bathroom at all.  Where the mysterious Miss Sparrow washes I have no idea.

This afternoon called at Gardiner’s office to see a “copper plaque” which he had, but it was only Victorian rubbish.  Feel that he is going to be a very difficult man to handle – very obstructionist, against school-work, lending books, or making any improvements.

After tea went to see old Edwards, and stayed until 7.  Talked about allowing subscribers to use the Library and to borrow books, but he is dead against it. 

Back to the office for a couple of hours.  Don't know what on earth I am going to do this weekend – perhaps might go over to Peterborough

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