16th January 1945

Foggy, but warmer.  Busy all morning sorting out old negatives, and find we have quite a number from which no prints have been taken.  Must get a complete set as soon as I can, otherwise it will be impossible to mount a series.  Old Edwards has simply regarded these things in the light of curiosities, and in no other way.

Went to a Workers' Education Association lecture at Queen’s School this evening, and as I was walking along South Brink heard several heavy explosions to the South, ‘divers’ I should think.  This was about 7 o’clock.

The lecture was not very good – early art.  The lecturer, a Cambridge girl, was rather weak, and seemed nervous, which made her lisp a bit.  Sat thinking about museums – are we not in very much the same position as the monasteries?  Centres of art and culture, doing no practical good, housing people who might well be made to do something more useful – sweep the streets, cart manure, etc.  Is not the time approaching for our “Dissolution”?

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