5th October 1944 - Edinburgh to Perth

To Perth.  Left reluctantly.  Left at 2.30.  To Leith.  Found Burnt Island ferry no longer running.  Cycled on to Queensferry, over miles of terrible cobble road.  Saw great school Fettes, and the city AA guns.  Went through Davidsons Mains, delightfully named Main St. and Quality St.  Past a little old Crammond Bridge and a mill to main road.  Saw “Scotland Neutral” painted in large white letters on a wall, now fading in weather.

Across ferry.  Saw aircraft carrier at anchor off Rosyth.  To Inverkerting.  Dreadful, dreary.  Took train to Dunfermline.  Saw church tower, very curious.  Sent postcard to father, tea in cinema.  Street lights on.  Bought Ray Lancaster’s Essays.

Cowdenbeath, brilliant lights.  How strange.  Perth 9.30pm.  Went to Salutation, but no room, to Royal George (patronised by Queen Victoria) and got in at once.  Street lights here brilliant, reflecting on rushing Tay.  Many noisy drunks about the streets.

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