14th October 1944 - Edinburgh

Lay late.  Felt a little better and had first satisfactory meal since Thurs night.  In afternoon went to R.S.Ac.  Saw the Lord Provost come in with procession – the Town Guard (3), halbards, 18th C hats, 17th C coats, breaches red, white stockings, black buckle shoes.  Then the sword and the Mace.  The L.P. Daltry, 2 barflies, and the counsellors.  The Duke of Montrose came in with many other guests, military, naval, RAF, several kilted, good-looking women, artists etc.

Picture show rather weak.  Very pretty little girl there, with long fair hair, about 17 I should think, who figured as a portrait, Vivian by Hislop.  Tried to make myself go to Dr Lamond, but nerve failed.  This evening writing and hearing about the proposals to build houses all over the meadows and Links.  Early bed.

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