27th October 1944 - Edinburgh

Woke about 8 and was given delicious breakfast in bed.  Brilliant sunny day.  No mention today in press or radio about divers, but our glorious premier has spoken again and given us a thoroughly gloomy view of the war, which may now become “unbearably protracted”.  Wonder how much more the British public will really stand?  Much talk about solidarity of allies which clearly shows that there have been very serious troubles.  Assurances that there are now no differences between Britain and Russia presumably means that the differences are great.  If Germany can hold out 6 months, may yet win the war.  By next February the automatic devices to bombard the British Isles will be so numerous and efficient that all normal life must cease.  It does not seem to occur to anybody that the diver business will increase during this winter, not decrease.  Can't understand why they have not already begun to send them against other cities besides London.

Felt better today, but not well.  Stayed in bed until 4, then up, washed, had tea and went to Dr’s.  Unfortunately, Lamont was out, but saw the other man, and felt an awful fool.  Stammered badly and generally behaved like a lunatic.  Told me to come back tomorrow and see Lamont, who will give me a letter for Rowland.  Felt a little better when I left.  Perhaps after all these years I must really begin to take medical advice seriously.  But how I hate going to see doctors at all.

Walked back down the Links as the huge moon rose up behind Arthur’s Seat.  Tonight reading – Robert Louis Stevenson – short stories.  Found a book in the house called “The Happy Traveller” by a Revd Tatchell of Midhurst, pub in 1923, a sort of naïve guide to the whole world.  It contains this gem under Jamaica, (considering that it is written by a parson) – “Being by nature superstitious and in great dread of Duppres or ghosts, they have taken kindly to religion; and if you listen to a street preacher or go to a meeting house on a Sunday, you will be amused at their pomposity and capacity for silly chatter.”  What a delightful servant of Christ.

Under Russia he says: “No one will want to go to Russia until the spectre of Bolshevism is laid and the great country returns to its senses and settles down.”

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