10th October 1944 - Inverness

Day overcast.  Wonderful view across River.  Bad night.  Felt very bad.  Went to Library almost came into a faint.  Had to leave.  Also practically nothing at breakfast, only a cup of coffee.  Seem to have bad stomach though.  No pain worth mentioning.  Saw the cattle market, quite a lot of Highland Cattle, and a number of Highland-Shorthorn cross.  Seemed fairly busy.  Very conveniently situated against rail sidings.

Wrote to father.  Must see Dr. L. again.

Went to cinema.  Drank tea.  Feel a little better tonight, but desperately lonely.  See in Evening Express that more divers over last night.  Gilbert & Sullivan on at Aberdeen.  Should like to see them.

Considerable number of gentlemen walking about in kilts and bonnets today.

Saw Exhibition of Contemporary Scottish Art at Town Hall – Rotten.

In Fraser’s saw several prints, McNab, Cock o' the North etc. all by Macbeth Raeburn.  Also A J Munnings, 'The Meet', the figure in the painting looks very like Col. Blewitt.  Beautiful Inverness prints, but everything very expensive.

Noticed in cinema that news is Scottish Movie-Tone news.

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