17th October 1944 - Edinburgh

Dull again, but no rain.  To Library, then to see Richardson.  Interesting conversation, walked up Canongate to Netherbow Port.  Saw Acheson House next Huntley House etc.  Sad condition of the tenements down to Abbey Strand.

Then to National Museum and met Gordon Childe.  Saw the Newstead ironwork – wonderful.  Also the Scottish carved stones – conceived idea of getting temporary work here.  Prepared to work for nothing for 3 months if I sell Robin.  Might be well worthwhile.

Rain and sleet, blowing across streets, Castle Rock, with light sky behind.  Looked in St John’s and St Cuthbert’s Churches and the graveyards.  Afternoon in the library again, and got through a good deal.  Is this the fulfilment of my dream?  The one about working in a great library?

Could live here for the rest of my life.  Wrote to Ann McLean tonight and sent telegram to Father.

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