12th - 13th October 1944 - Inverness to Edinburgh

Dreadful stormy night.  Suffered from toothache for 4 hours, and wandering pains all over body.  Wind howled and struck among the roofs.  Woke to find sky clearing, but bitterly cold.  Thinking about Ann Mclean.   Phoned and arranged to meet her.  Paid Mrs McB 18/- (cheap) packed, took cycle to station.  Saw Meg – very worried about her sister Issy – very ill.  Called at home after lunch, and said goodbye.

Few showers during afternoon.  Saw “Pride and Prejudice” again after many years.  Walked up and down river bank by the Cathedral.  At last she came in blue coat.  Had tea at Playhouse.
(Note: Invernness 770, Ward 7 & 8, Nurse Ann Mclean)

She was strange, remote, so different from an English girl.  Gave me a photo, very nice.  Solemn in a way, but laughs nicely.  Refused to acknowledge any blandishments.  Told me I was “nobbut a loon to talk so”.  Told her she was not pretty but good looking.  Looked cynical.

Told her all about myself – why I was there etc.  She was very sensible, made excellent and professional suggestions, but alas no good to me.  Walked down to the Canal, then sat on a seat an hour under bright icy stars.  Did all the talking.  She saying “Och, it’s easy for yourself to talk this way when you’re 1000 miles from home.  You’ll forget me in a week or maybe less.”  Time sliding by like the gurgling black cold Ness.  Talked about sprites and water helpers, but she laughed and said, “Ach mon, but I’m no Highlander to believe such nonsense”.  A lovely deep voice.  Told me to stop thinking about stuffy old fossils.

At last goodbye at the hospital gate.  Promised to write to her.  Seemed to be pleased.

To station – crowded train.  Felt very sick and miserable.  Half an hour late in starting – why?  (Perth change)  Travelled with 2 RAF, one sailor (MN), 1 WAAF, and a farmer who got out at Newtonmore.

Felt the train toiling up Drumochter and the free rattling down the other side.  Perth 5am.  Not a drop of tea to be had.

Down over Loch Leven, yellow gold sky and a sharp shower of rain whipping across the lake.  Dunfermline – people getting in to go to work at E. More at Inverkeithing.  The Bridge – Grey Forth, with pale grey destroyers moving slowly down.  Drifting smoke of N. Queensferry.  In the carriage 2 RNVR men talking about ships and ports, landings on the Normandy coast etc.  The little blonde WAAF fast asleep beneath her overcoat.  Gave me a drink of tea, but still felt bad.

Waverley 8.30.  Seething roaring crowds, medley of Scottish, Polish, English etc.  Posters advertising Royal Scottish Agricultural Show tomorrow.

To Bruntisfield Links.  Washed and went to sleep on sofa.  Cold and aching.  No lunch, but nice tea, and good Scotch broth for supper.  Bed 10.30 after hot bath, but still aching terribly.  Thinking about Ann.

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