20th October 1944 - Edinburgh

Wet and foggy.  Mother’s birthday.  No present this year.  Went to Library again, and spent a good deal of the day writing.

This evening went to see Diana’s sister (Diana Davis, Stage Manager, Colchester Repertory Company), who lives up at Merchiston, and spent some time wandering in the dark through a maze of Merchiston Avenues, Roads, Crescents and gardens.  She is extraordinarily like Diana – very pretty, and not more than about 20.  Been married 3 months.  Talked about Scottish prejudices etc.  Stayed an hour, then back to Bruntisfield to supper, very late.

Much talk about the Edinburgh Corporation’s Schemes for building houses in the Parks and on the Links.  This it seems is really true – amazing and scandalous.  Mrs Paterson says Mrs -, Councillor says it is intended to destroy all Canongate.

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