EJ Rudsdale on Twitter from 3 September 2019

11th October 1944 - Inverness

Dull drizzle.  Felt very much better, and made a good breakfast.  Arranged to stay another night.

Down by the Ness and the old bagpiper, and at times an old tiny dirty bearded man playing a jigging tune on an accordion.

Skuas and herring gulls of monstrous size, crying and shrieking, swooping down to pick bits out of the water, fighting over a bit of food, drifting sideways on the swift current, anchored on far side in calmer water like a flotilla of little white yachts.

Amazing number of high class confectioners in Scotland, packed with delicious chocolates which nobody can buy.

Daily Express today says large force of heavy bombers out over coast last night.  News says only Mosquitos.  Apparently no divers last night.

To cinema café – met Ann McLean [a nurse at Inverness Hospital].  Cinema, same show as last night.  Out in teeming rain.  Walked back to hospital.  Arranged to see her again.  Feel v. ill, though, better during day.  Bitter cold.

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