6th July 1944

Lovely warm morning.  The corn is yellowing fast.  The Committee went on their annual “pre-harvest” tour of land-in-possession today, but I was not invited.  It never seems to occur to Capt. Folkard that I should like to see the farms occasionally.

Thinking about the Museum a good deal today.  Phoned to the Borough Treasurer’s Office and told them not to send my pay envelope to the Holly Trees anymore.  I will collect it from the Town Hall myself. 

Had lunch with Daphne and tea with Diana.  Told me that Larry Silverstone, the actor, is dead.  He was acting her not very long ago.

Evening papers admit that the damage and casualties caused by the flying-bombs is enormous.  No “Daily Telegraphs” today, as their press is said to have been destroyed yesterday.

To Boxted, 9.30.  The moon rose full, like an orange, and four Thunderbolts got up from Langham and made off to the S.W.

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