12th July 1944

Cloudy today, and westerly wind.  Got in early, and went to Peldon on my cycle to see the new cattle.  Went down to Sampsons, and Newpots, met Frank Warren, Joe, and Nott there.  Cannot understand Warren’s methods of choosing animals for sale, and I don't think anybody else can, either.  Joe looked rather disapprovingly most of the time.

Saw little Robin, looking wonderfully well and fit, fat as a pig.  Wish I could use him.

Went into the tiny church to eat my bread and cheese, as there did not seem to be anywhere else to go.  Sat quietly eating in one of the pews, and was rather taken by surprise when Pearse, Duncan Clark’s partner, walked in with some architectural students.  He seemed equally surprised to see me.

Started back about 3, and went round by Abbots Wick to Birch.  Stopped to drink out of the Reservoir, as had had nothing since breakfast.  Suddenly saw Sisson coming along in his car, on his way to inspect some bomb-damage at Wigborough. 

Just as I got to Layer ‘Donkey & Buskins’ heard sirens all round.  One or two fighters came about, but nothing else happened.  ‘All-clear’ came very soon, only a few minutes, but there was another alarm at Shrub End at 7.15.  Decided to call on Hilda Smith, getting there just as the ‘all-clear’ went again.  Stayed half an hour, went to the office, called at home and then to Boxted, very tired indeed.

Looks like rain tonight.

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