2nd July 1944

Cycled slowly along the main road to the Cross, so as not to get to the Post too early.  Heavy clouds, the moon peeping through at times.  Saw searchlights to the S.E., focused on a drifting balloon, and every now and then there was a great flash as the balloon’s cable trailed over high tension wires.

Got away at 4.50am.  Low clouds, but the larks had begun to sing.

Bed until 10.30am.  An alarm at 10, and another at 12.30, nothing happened.  This afternoon writing, bath etc.  Then to Lt Rivers after tea, and got some spring onions.  Nice rural scene at the Cross – two little cows being driven into the meadow behind, and a pony trap waiting for them to cross the road.  Carter’s apple trees a mass of blossom, in spite of the frost.  Headache better tonight.  Back to bed at 11, under a hazy moon.  Very hot, stuffy, day, and a plague of flies all over the house.

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