4th July 1944

Fine, lovely, cool morning.  Thunderbolts flying past my window at 5am, in pairs, so that I could see them as I lay in bed.  Very late in, so called at home first and found Uncle Frank there.  He and Aunt have had a terrible time at Purley, and have come down to stay at the “Cups” for a week.  Apparently they had no difficulty in getting into the town, although there are police at the station all day now.

Put in some work today, while I was alone, on the design of ‘le Stonhous’, preparing a paper on the Norman houses in the Borough for the ‘Essex Review’.  Fortunately had a quiet couple of hours this afternoon, so could get something done.

Walling had a frightful row with Daphne and Thelma today.  These continual bickerings are most upsetting to everyone.

Snowball brought in some strawberries from Tiptree, which we ate.

This evening went to Holly Trees.  Found Ald. Blomfield there.  Talked about Gurney Benham’s books and papers.  Hervey Benham has apparently not got authority from Gerald Benham, as executor, to dispose of these yet.  Told Ald. Blomfiel about Col. Round’s Castle MSS, and emphasised that they must not on any account be left in the hands of the Curator.  He apparently knew already that the Colonel had sent a lot of stuff to Chelmsford [Record Office], although Emmison [the Archivist at Chelmsford] seems to think it is a profound secret.

Lovely evening.  Saw Diana walking down the High Street.  Went to the Stockwell Arms with her and drank beer.  Boxted at 9 o’clock, sat listening to radio.  An alarm about 1am.  Heard Goodbody waking up everybody, but felt tired and stayed in bed.  Nothing happened.

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