EJ Rudsdale on Twitter from 3 September 2019

11th July 1944

Had a few hours sound, quiet sleep, and then woke at 5, went back to Woodside, and crept quietly into bed, no one knowing I had not been there all night.  Slept again until 8.

Cloudy morning, but clear later, and the sun came out warm.  Saw the old cat who was asleep in the garden yesterday walking slowly across the road, with such an intensity of purpose, obviously looking forward to another sleep in the same place.

Busy all day.  Cool, pleasant evening, with dancing on the Holly Trees lawn to the dreary noises blaring out of an amplifier.  Going down North Hill saw a very old Chelsea Pensioner walking up, and the martial airs played by the Technical College Cadets band came wafting up from behind the school, making a sort of accompaniment to his walk.

Got to the Post at 9, young John Page on with me.  Rather cold, few ‘planes up.  “Diver” was off at 10.  So tired tonight that at one o’clock was only too glad to get back to Woodside and bed.

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