28th July 1944

Quiet night, and had some sound sleep, without dreams.  Many ‘planes going out between 6 and 7.  Amusing rumours at the office that these long strips of paper, dropped to confuse the radar systems, are really coated with germs.  Quite a lot of the country folks believe this.  Newspapers printing a lot of stuff about 10 ton “rocket bombs” which may be expected very soon.

The ‘diver’ I heard yesterday evening was at Peldon, near the Reservoir.  Capt. Folkard was at Abberton and saw it crash.  Not much damage though, except for some windows. 

This evening went down to Peldon with Daphne, and then to Copt Hall, thinking we might ride Robin, but the saddles and bridles have gone.  Lovely evening.  Crops mostly look well, but some of the Committee wheat a bit smutty.

Back to Boxted at 11 o’clock, and heard that a Marauder from the aerodrome crashed in Mill Road today, killing the pilot.

Felt very depressed this evening, and sat up until midnight looking up trains in the time-tables.  Hear that Dr Penry Rowland has gone away, just when I want to see him so badly.


Anonymous said...


Feel I have to mention that when ER talks of the wheat being smutty 'smut' is a disease of wheat, a bit like a mould!


Mike Dennis

E J Rudsdale said...

Many thanks Mike - that is very helpful to know - much appreciated, Best wishes, Catherine