22nd July 1944

Up at 8.30.  Slept well.  Dull morning.  At office heard that there was an alarm at 2am, and that nine ‘divers’ passed over Tiptree, going west.  Seems very odd, can't understand where they are coming from.

Daphne gave me an American cream chocolate this morning – haven't had such a thing for years.

Got out about 11, and went to the Town Hall.  Saw Harvey and was just beginning to talk about the possibility of my leaving the Museum, which he much deplored, when Sam Blomfield walked in.  Very awkward.

An addition to the photo survey today – very nice picture of 6 Trinity Street, taken by an American.

Went on to the market this afternoon, then home for three-quarters of an hour, then had tea in Culver Street.  Greatly miss not being able to go into Holly Trees.  Went to library, saw an account of the last Suffolk Sale at Ipswich – one of Frank Warren’s geldings made 200 gns.  These prices are really too high, and likely to do breeding more harm than otherwise.

Went out to Boxted at half past 6, and then on to the Roses’, but did not seem very welcome.  Dodo is now undergoing some form of medical treatment which necessitates her going to bed exactly at 9.30.  Being in a bad mood, could not understand how anybody could even think about bed, so left, and went cycling, though cloudy and cold.  Went through Stratford, where there was a big patch of blood near the bridge, and then round by the Hall, hoping to see Ann Barry, but nobody there.  Went on to Higham, and up the back road towards Raydon.  Found a lovely stack in a very lonely field, where I sat and dozed for an hour until cold drove me on.  Listened to the strange night noises in the hedges and trees, birds talking in their sleep.

Cycled round by Langham Mill and Plumbs Farm, reaching “Woodside” shortly after midnight.  Wished it were later.  Took some blankets, and went and lay in the cornfield behind the house until 4 in the morning, when light began to come.  Heard badgers moving in the wood.  No ‘planes all night, and no gunfire either.

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