5th July 1944

Glorious day.  For some reason felt no nervousness at all.  Busy day, then to Holly Trees this evening.  Had a serious row with Poulter.  He had piles of museum reports, pamphlets and things in the office, which had been left about there during the last 4 years.  Since I left not a single report or pamphlet has been filed.  Poulter had in his hand three reports of the Oxford University Museums, most important publications, of which we have a complete run for about 30 years.  He said “Are these wanted?  I’m going to tell Harding to throw them out.”  I said: “Why don't you throw out all the Reports?”  and he replied “Well, that’s an idea, it would save dusting.”

I shouted “You and Hull between you have just about ruined this Museum.  I think I’ll leave you both to it!”  He snarled “Yes, do, and don't bother to come back”.  I rushed out, sweeping a stack of books off the table, slamming the door sufficiently hard to shake plaster down in the lobby, and rushed away up the street.  I was absolutely furious.  Now, of course I am very sorry, as there is no one I wish to quarrel with less than Poulter, but I was really justified in my anger against this wicked destruction.  Since I have left there has been a complete cessation of museum routine.  Nothing filed, nothing numbered, no letters answered.  The whole place is in chaos.

Cycled out to the Post, still furious.  A mass raid came down from the north soon after dark, and took nearly an hour to go over.  Hate mass raids, as I always expect a crash.  We could see some of the ‘planes in the moonlight.  “Diver procedure” was cancelled before midnight, so Kent and London will have a few hours rest.  Another drifting balloon came over, lit by searchlights, and went out to sea.

Got to bed before 1.30, owls hooting and crying, and distant cattle lowing away on the river meadows.

Very sorry about Poulter, and don't know what I shall do.

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