8th February 1943

Overslept.  Wakened at a quarter to 8 by Parry shouting.  Lovely morning, sharp white frost.  Felt better.  Got in at 9.30.

War Agricultural Committee at Birch.  At tea-time, Col. Furneaux said how glad he was to see that Churchill was home again.  He said “You know, I can hardly sleep with worry when he’s away on these trips,” and went on to say a lot about Churchill having been sent by Providence to protect England, and that he was the reason why everybody was able to keep sane at the time of Dunkirk.  The Colonel said, “You know, I lost two stone during the week when France fell.” 
The meeting was over at 5.  Came back with Mr. Craig, and talked about Dr. Payne’s house.  I am afraid these negotiations are likely to fall through.

Cycled out to Lawford, the sky becoming cloudy and looking like snow.  Spent the evening writing. 

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