13th February 1943

Lovely morning.  Fat, smooth clouds sailing in a blue sky.  Came in by bus. 

Capt. Folkard was annoyed about various matters brought up at Writtle yesterday.  He complains that I do not send forward information required.  To an extent this is so, but I can't get Nott and the others to give the necessary data, so what can I do?

Went to Gunton’s in Crouch Street to buy coffee-beans for Joy.  A very good grocer’s.  The youngest brother served me, a very nice young fellow.  Extraordinary how all the sons voices are so much alike.

On an impulse, called at Beckett’s, Balkerne Lane, to see if he had any old photographs, but there were none.  Bought 3 or 4 prints.

The usual Saturday crowds in the town, and huge queues for the cinemas, some 300 yards long.  Big crowds at the Bus Park, and very little chance to get a seat on Beeston’s, so I went on a Dedham bus as far as Ardleigh.  Had to wait half an hour, and felt very nervous, sitting there under a lowering sky, quaking lest the sirens should sound.  A newspaper van drove up, and there was a tremendous scramble for papers, so much so that I thought there must be some important news published, but when I bought one, I found that it was only the football results which were attracting so many buyers.
Changed at Ardleigh to a Harwich bus.  A lot of soldiers got on, going to a dance at Lawford.  There were three Czech officers on the bus, from Harwich I believe.

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