22nd February 1943

Got up later than I intended.  Mist, and grey sky, no sign of a break.  
War Agricultural Committee Meeting this afternoon.  Rather a touchy scene towards the end about the management of Mrs. Green’s farm.  The shortage of all sorts of implements makes things very difficult there.

Came back all the way with Moorhouse.  He mentioned [the artist] A.J. Munnings, [who owned a house in Dedham] and seemed to dislike him a good deal.  He said that he was quite the rudest man he had ever met.  I said “Well, I suppose he is the greatest man of his style since Stubbs, and perhaps the last man who can paint horses and dogs which really look like horses and dogs.”  Moorhouse replied very coldly “Maybe, but that is no excuse for his rudeness.”

Parry rather better today, and was up when I got back.  There has not been a gleam of sun since Saturday afternoon.

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