4th February 1943

Another lovely day, bright sun, and only a few cloudy intervals.  Mr. Fletcher, the Managing Clerk from Writtle, came down this morning, and made an inspection of Dr. Payne’s house.  He is a very pleasant man, not much older than myself, and I got on very well with him.  He fully agreed that we must have further accommodation as soon as possible, and was quite favourably impressed by Payne’s house.  We spoke of staff problems, and he warned me that we might shortly expect a visit from a Mr. Hill, of the Man Power Board, who would be investigating the work of all persons, male and female, of military age.  This does not sound very good, especially as Mr. Hill is described as being a “bit of a swine”.  Well, if the worst comes, I’ve had a very long run, nearly 3 and a half years, and I have a lot to be grateful for.

Had lunch with Fletcher at Rose’s café, a very good lunch, too.  It seems he has recently come from Spain, where he lived for several years.

Cycled home by way of Crockleford and Ardleigh Park, in what might have been a Spring evening.  Land looking very well.  This evening started reading the Torrington Diaries.  Much noise under my window where Joy and Snip were rat-hunting in the dark.
A short alarm, just before nine, and I heard a plane come over, but nothing happened.  There was no gunfire. 

Wind raging now, and rain beginning.  Not very cold, however.

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