23rd February 1943

Grey, overcast, foggy.  Went in by bus.  Rather nervous, but emboldened by the fact that there have been no attacks since Friday.  Got a certain amount done today.

Councillor Blomfield came in.  More talk about Museum.  He tells me there is definitely something moving.  Whatever is done during the next few weeks will settle the management of the Museum for the next 25 years.  A cheering thought that Hull is due to retire at October, 1966.

Blomfield was not prepared to give any hint of what the Committee intend to do.  Perhaps he is not yet sure himself what they can do.

Extraordinary phone message today from Writtle, to say that Mr. Hogg had been appointed, and had he begun work?  We had never heard of any such man, but later messages told us that he had been appointed by Sadler [of the Executive Committee at Writtle], quite without Captain Folkard’s knowledge.  Nobody has any idea what he is supposed to do if he does come.

Cold and foggy tonight, and very dark.

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