5th February 1943

Cloudy and raining.  Heard this morning that bombs fell near Weeley last night, during the short alarm, and that all the lights were put out, so I suppose the cables were damaged.  When I saw Sisson this evening he told me that a land-mine had fallen at Thorpe, damaging shops, houses, and the church, but I am not sure if this is true or not.

Left early this afternoon, and cycled out by the Ipswich Road.  Saw Everett’s horses, tandem, hauling timber, and just behind another tandem team going into the yard at Roverstye, the carter sitting on one horse and driving the leader.  The aerodrome advances more and more.  Called on Sissons, and gave them the news about Poulter. 

Frank Girling called in this evening for coffee, after a “Discussion Group” meeting.  Talk about War Agricultural Committee work.  It seems that while in Essex we forbid farmers to grow oats over and above their actual needs for their own stock, across the river in Suffolk farmers are ordered to set oats on 15% of their arable land!  What lunacy.  How can any farmer respect the organisation that can do this?

Thankful to hear the wind getting stronger.  Hope the clouds will all be gone by tomorrow.

Mice running about above the ceiling tonight, squeaking and fighting.

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