7th February 1943

Slept a little from 1am to 6am, then had a meat pie.  Up at 8, and worked in office for an hour.  Fine, the sun coming up reddy gold.  Went home to breakfast, then had a hot bath, exactly like a pre-war Sunday.  Lay in hot water listening to people walking past to church.  The sound of bands in the camp, sun shining, not an aeroplane in the sky, everything just as it used to be except that there were no church-bells.

Had a “Sunday dinner”, then down to Bourne Mill.  Cycled out by way of Boxted.  Some of the wheat looks very well indeed.  Saw the Roses.  He has been promoted, and is now an assistant to Mr. Harris.  I am very glad of this, as he seems so satisfied.  We harnessed the little donkey stallion, for the first time for 6 months, and he went very well and quietly. 

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