25th February 1943

Fog, but the sun rose and it cleared, leaving a cloudless sky. 
Chief Inspector Clear came in this morning, about the scheme to release policemen for farm work this summer.  He said “We shall have to take a chance now.  Jerry seems like being busy somewhere else for a time.”  Do they really know something, or is this just a guess?  I believe the whole scheme for police labour is simply another of [Chief Constable] Stockwell’s plans to make himself useful in case there is any more talk of abolishing the Borough Police Force.

Mr. Craig came in this afternoon.  We got talking about the need for new offices.  The D’Arcy House was mentioned, and he said outright that the Corporation would not undertake repairs as they had only bought it to pull it down.  I rang up Banell, and he told me exactly the same thing.  Nobody has ever admitted this before, but I knew it all the time.  What I did not know was that it belongs to the Electricity Committee.  Possibly they intend to build a new show room on the site.  I see no point in our fighting this.  They are all determined to destroy it.  Even Mr. Craig said, waving his hand towards Queen St., “we must have a clean sweep round here.”

[Luckily D'Arcy House did survive and is now a cafe and art gallery CP].

Home at 5 to tea.  Ella [Eric's cousin] had been in this morning, with a story that the police are now going to question all men of military age whenever they see them in the streets.  Expect this is another lie. 

Slight rain on the way back to Lawford.

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