EJ Rudsdale on Twitter from 3 September 2019

27th February 1943

Another glorious fine day.  Got in by 8 o’clock this morning.  An alarm at 9.30, which surprised me, but it lasted only 10 minutes.  Perhaps an observation plane over.  No doubt it returned, unharmed.

Chairman and members of Committee in all morning, and could not get very much done.  A Mrs. Voake arrived, having been appointed by Writtle as Womens Labour Officer.  She is quite unsuitable, lives at Capel St Mary, has no car, and expects to work from 10 till 4.  She says Writtle agreed to let her have petrol to travel from Capel to Wigborough (40 miles!) every day.  To do this she would need at least 80 gallons a month, four times the District Officer’s allowance.  Her appointment is already settled, in fact her first salary cheque arrived an hour before she did. 

This afternoon to Bourne Mill, then cycled out by Boxted, called at the Rose’s for half an hour.  The baby seemed rather sickly.  Boxted looked very bright, crops coming on well, many men out on their smallholdings, others coming back with their pony carts from their rounds.  Lovely spring weather, birds singing like May. 

This evening sorting photographs.  Few planes about. 

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