9th February 1945

Muggy, and inclined to be wet.  In Library most of the day, quite lost in the discoveries there. 

Tonight Art Club meeting at the house in Old Market.  Eight or nine there including Charlotte Osborne and Mrs. Jessie Swift.  Took them home, and asked if either or both would come to an orchestral concert in one of the schools tomorrow?  Jessie Swift said she would.  Told them about the discomfort of the house in the Crescent, and Mrs. Swift said she would see if I could get into a very good place next door to where she lives in Clarkson Avenue. 

Had to call at the Town Hall today, and noticed in the Town Clerk’s office the government handbill, urging evacuation of civilians, still pasted on a board. 

Seems very strange to read in the “Advertiser” and the “Wisbech Standard” this week of shares in the water-works being offered for sale.  Difficult to believe that privately-owned water-companies still exist.  Wonder what would happen if one decided to suspend operations?

Heard today (from Mrs Stone, wife of a pilot) that the ‘plane crash the other night was at Ely, or near it.  Heard too that King’s Cross station is said to have been shut for several days.

Very dark tonight, not a star to be seen.

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