3rd February 1945

Another fine day, and much warmer.  Out shopping for half an hour and ‘phoned to the Coulther’s house at Elm, as Mrs. C. had suggested I should do.  Mr Coulther answered, and must confess I did not like the sound of him.  He sounded a rather bumptious type.  However, arranged to go down this afternoon to tea, which I did.  He turned out to be about 33, fair, rather fat, and of a nature such as I would have guessed from his voice over the ‘phone – bumptious and loud.  It seems that he is an insurance agent but was directed to take up farm-work.  He thereupon bought a few pigs and a couple of Jersey cows and announced that he was a farmer in his own right.  We had a very nice farmhouse tea, with lots of butter and milk, rather spoilt by two awful children, who squalled and quarrelled over the tea-table.  Mrs. C. is very pleasant, with a fine handsome face, rather in the Rossetti manner.  Stayed until 11, and left in a fine rain that began to fall after a lovely warm evening.

G.M.G. Woodgate sent round today to ask me to lunch tomorrow, as he has a chicken.  

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