10th February 1945

Cold and sunny.  Went out about 10 and looked in at the Cattle Market but no stock there at all, not even a calf.  In Old Market a lot of fruit trees and plants for sale, “on the stones”, as they say here, referring to the time when the market was covered with cobbles.  Big crowds of people and many carts, with quite a few horses, carts, and traps. 

Went below in the Museum this morning, and noticed one of the A.R.P. men stacking up boxes of gasmasks, all new.  Now what, I wonder?

This evening called at Clarkson Avenue for Jessie Swift, and took her to the concert in the Queen’s School.  It was a little orchestra arranged by a man called Tallis Trimnell (who speaks with a distinct Welsh accent) and it was a good show, even if a little ragged at times.  They played Bizet, Handel, Mozart, Vaughan Williams and that sort of thing.  Thank God no singing.  A full audience.

Took Mrs Swift home and was invited in for a coffee, and sat for an hour talking to John Swift about the river, of which he is in charge.  He is just finishing the new quay which is built on the E. bank.  Says the only worry now is – will there be any shipping?

Am moving back to White Lion tomorrow – can't stand another day with Mrs. Shepherd.  Paid her tonight £6-6-0 up to date and told her I was making “other arrangements”.  She looked furious, but said nothing.

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