5th February 1945

Committee meeting at 12.  Went quite well, but no business done of any importance.  Mrs Munday promised to call and see me.  A lot of chatter in the Committee about the waterworks trouble – Gardiner, Girling and Dawbarn are all deeply concerned.

This afternoon Mrs Osborne, of the Art Club, called, and we cycled over to Collett’s brick pit beyond Walsoken to see if she could get any clay for modelling.  The men at the pit told us that Roman pottery had been found there many years ago, but could give no details.  The 6” OS marks B.A. implements as being found there.

Glorious, fine, sunny afternoon, with a balmy breeze.  Cycled back by Paradise Farm to the main Lynn Road, and so back to her house where she gave me tea.  While we were having it, at 6pm, there was suddenly a tremendous flash and heavy explosion, but whether a rocket or thunder could not say.  Late tonight there was another big explosion, at 1.15am, when a flight of ‘planes was passing over.  May have been a crash somewhere.  Sound travels great distances over the flat Fens.

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