6th February 1945

Up 8.30.  Dull, but not too cold.  Drizzle all day.  ‘Planes going over in great flocks.  

Another letter from Ann this afternoon, to say she has an abcess on her face, which has swollen to a huge size so that she can't speak or eat, and can see only out of one eye.  Wrote to her at once, offering to go and see her, although am desperately short of money.  Poor darling actually ends “All my love” a thing she has never done before.

Evening papers had huge headlines “20,000 killed in Berlin” in a  daylight raid by the Americans on Saturday.  In the face of this achievement the Russian advances take second place, and the West Front news is squeezed onto the back page.  

Tonight went to WEA lecture, very dull speaker, talked about Michaelangelo, Leonardo and Raphael.  Such material, but how dull.  Mrs Osborne and Mrs Swift both there.

Out at 9, Bed at 10.30.  Thinking of poor Ann so far away.

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