22nd February 1945

Cooler, but still fine and sunny.  Worked in Library, wrote some letters, took some books back to Woodgate, who wants to nominate me for the Wisbech Society next month.  Must be very careful how many subscriptions I become liable for.  Got back to Museum to find old Edwards there, looking ghastly, but he did not stay long.  Then more work in Library, and another school class at 3 o’clock.

Light until well after 7 tonight, and then the bright moon.  Year after year we count the days to the light nights, yet when they come we are no happier.

Tonight went below to the Control Room, to hear “Itma” on the radio.  Talked to the girls about theatricals, and thought of possibility of forming a costume collection.

Back at hotel, found lounge full of “commercials”, trying to get the news on the radio, so went to bed.  Thank God only another week or 10 days.

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