28th February 1945

Another lovely day.  All Boxted busy on the land, work everywhere.  Bus into town.  Went to see Les Watts about clearing up the stables – heart breaking job.  Sold him my lovely horse-rug, the one Bob always wore, and two bits for 25/-.  He also gave me 50/- for the timber I bought 10 years ago to build the two loose-boxes.

Back to Museum and saw Poulter again.  Museum Committee meeting yesterday, so no sign of Hull, no doubt in his usual post-Committee temper.

Home for tea, stayed until 7, then went up town, got a taxi, and was driven to Boxted Cross for 6/-.  Called on the Roses’, and stayed talking until 10.30, then walked home.  A pleasant evening a lot of delightful but inconsequent chatter which I much enjoyed.  Walked back down the Straight Road under the glorious blazing moon.  Not many ‘planes about. 

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