17th February 1945

Dull, inclined to be foggy.  Bustling market crowds all day.  

Old Edwards came in for an hour, and then young Woolley, who is certainly a most intelligent child, but was rather a nuisance today as I had so much to do.

Went round to the Bank to pay in Robin’s price, and found that one now has to fill in a special form for £5 notes, something to do with attempts to prevent black-market dealings.

Bought my rations this afternoon, as the White Lion does not apparently want my book, and was very lucky – got one pound of oranges.  In Bridge St, met little Ellis from the Grammar, walking with a Welsh girl, who was introduced as Miss Betty Thomas, and who is coming to teach at the Grammar School after Easter.

This evening felt ill, tummy bad, so had no dinner.  Went to cinema instead, saw an excellent film of China, in colour, but spoiled by shocking Yankee propaganda.  Bed at 11, reading Vulliamy’s “Puffin” which I enjoyed.  Excellent idea, this.


Anonymous said...

How interesting that ER bought a pound of oranges (and that the White Lion didn't want his ration book!)
It may be 1945 but VE day was still two months away, VJ day five months away. How was he able to buy oranges in Wisbech?
Similarly, as rationing didn't end until 1953 where was the White Lion getting the supplies to feed their guests?
Once again, an insight in to how the war was rather than what we have been led to believe in history books!
Mike Dennis

Anonymous said...

Further to my comment, a quick search online brought these two sites up



Mike Dennis

Anonymous said...

The mention of the bank being cautious about acceptance of £5 notes is possibly linked to the fictional plot of "Traitors Purse" by Marjorie Allingham (1941), and/or the real life plot of Operation Bernhard.

E J Rudsdale said...

Thanks for your comments, Mike, and the interesting websites on wartime food. It is interesting to see when fruit began reappearing on the market and I wonder how the White Lion did manage to feed their guests? Nevertheless, Rudsdale complained about the food there so perhaps they should have taken their rations books! Best wishes, Catherine