7th August 1944

Bank Holiday Monday
Felt better.  Writing all morning and then to Dedham.  (First Bank Holiday for years when we have not had a Committee meeting).  Mrs Sisson not very well, so did not stay many minutes.  This evening went over to Sherbourne Mill, and saw a delightful book of Caldecott drawings, the story of “Merrilegs” and Miss Diana Wood, all a sheer delight.  A.J. Munnings told Joy that it was these Caldecott drawings which first set him on his career as a horse-painter.

Had supper there.  Joy’s cousin is now going back to London, without any great enthusiasm. A lot of talk of rockets and their possible effect.  Took Parry a copy of May’s book, which he was very pleased to have.
Leaving there, went over to Higham, but Jacquie was out – noticed her cycle at Ida’s but would not go in.  Boxted at 11.30, and to bed.

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