13th August 1944

Had a meal and had to hurry to Post by 1p.m.  Miss Bentley said there were sirens at 6 in the morning, and something fell a long way to the north.

At the Post, young Carter was on with me.  Lovely white clouds, floating in a clear blue sky.  Our ‘phone went dead, and I had to cycle to Horkesley Post Office to ‘phone for a mechanic..  Until he arrived we had nothing to do but wait.  When he came he turned out be a friend of Daven Soar’s.

Back to Woodside for tea, then supper, after which cycled to Dedham for an hour or two, longing for conversation.  Left at 11p.m.  Showers of meteors – the Perseids.  Woodside at 11.45, and had determined to go to bed properly, yet at the last minute was absolutely compelled to crawl under it – simply could not help myself.  ‘Planes beginning to get up at Boxted.

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